==== General conditions ===
 If there is any complaint from the leased unit
AWR must be sent to the client complaint
Within 12 hours from the date of entry of the unit and shall not be deemed thereafter
 The cancellation of the booking will be formalized only by the tenant’s telephone call .
Expenses of service that are calculated at
Reservations are non-refundable
Transfer fees for the money to be calculated
Reservations are non-refundable
The rest of the amount is refunded after deduction of expenses
Service and financing expenses
 In case of selection, the price is not available
For cancellation the full amount is paid in case of cancellation
And loses 100% of its value

? AWR Lees Leased from
Cancellation policy.
 If the tenant has canceled the reservation before the date of entry
B) A period of 7 days, 100% of the amount paid for his knowledge upon booking, excluding service charges and financing fees
If the lessee cancels the booking, a date is less than
7 days prior to the date of arrival the first night rate will be charged and converted to the lessor as compensation upon cancellation
{{{Secure Reservation $}}}}
FLOSC is guaranteed in the right place with a company with a commercial record and a card and a license from the Ministry of Investment

{{{ {don’t convince about photo }}}} User Name Remember Me?
 Real photos are always updated for the unit

{{{{review real}}}}
You can benefit from the experiences and opinions of the people who were booked before you in the unit
{{{محدش هايضحك عليك}}} User Name Remember Me?
Not a hat for the greed of the stock market because the price is announced and clear to all people "
 "Mesh Ali Ali"
     { customer service. }
 Customer service team with you the length of your trip from the first Matstlm chalet until you receive it

==========={{{ pay more easily }}}
The presence of more than one way to pay safe, easy, and fast Visa / Cash / Vodafone Cash and appreciate Nabeltak representative of the company

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 If you turn on the place and we can not
Travel to him, we will send a message on the page and we will help you get it at the best prices