Why show your unit here?

Safe and secure investment 👍👍👍👍
If you have an apartment / chalet / villa you go one time or two times per year, you want to invest it, but you do not want to enter into a dispute with tenants and tenants. We have the same relationship with the owners of the tenants
 It will guarantee you all the ... ... and the rules of the relationship between you and the tenant, and you can hire your unit easily and securely and provide you with the highest income on your investments
 We will show you your unit and give it to you more
The means of presentation and promotion that distinguish you from the rest
You can achieve the highest return on your investments by participating in the rest of the marketing
You have a special account from which you can estimate
Look at all your transactions with history and details
AWR even if you reside outside Egypt
transfer your revenue on your bank account abroad.
 You are the control of every booking Lake has declined or
Acceptance through the system of messages / e-mail or communication from the customer service directly
You are in control of the dates you want to rent
Where the price is right for you.
 Your revenue will be credited to your bank account
Two days of soothing

{{{And you. }}}

Compliance by the owner with specifications
Standard Chalet does not offer a compensation for the tenant
Commitment to delivery, accommodation and cleanliness
Take advantage of key, service or service
Cancellation policy.
 If the tenant has canceled the reservation before the date of entry
B) A period of 7 days, 100% of the amount paid for his knowledge upon booking, excluding service charges and financing fees
If the lessee cancels the booking, a date is less than
7 days prior to the date of arrival the first night rate will be charged and converted to the lessor as compensation upon cancellation